One yoga class away from a good mood (1)One yoga class away from a good mood (1)


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Are you new to yoga and want to chat first reach out to me at [email protected]?  I was once a new student too and know it can seem intimidating taking that first step. Be brave! Your wellness is worth it!

Student testimonials 

     As someone new to Yoga we have found Delia's teaching in Gentle Yoga to be wonderfully calming and a perfect and effective means for bringing some peace and exercise to our busy lives.  ~Richard and Heather

      Every practice with Delia is filled with love and kindness. I have known Delia for the past 40 years and she has evolved into an exceptionally skilled yoga instructor. She has a great sense of humor, researches readings to share in class, and leaves everyone totally relaxed and joyous when the class is over. She has a loyal following that fills the studio every Tuesday morning and I look forward to her next practice. ~ George S.

      My favorite part about the classes Delia teaches is the individual attention she gives to each student.  She makes each and every person in her class feel not only welcome and comfortable but special. Delia truly strives to ensure that everyone in the room has a wonderful experience.  I leave every time feeling better than when I walked in.  ~ Martha C.