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The handwritten note challenge! Spread the LOVE and GRATITUDE!

I speak from a deep appreciation for all the beautiful note cards I received in 2013 as I made my journey through the challenge of Breast Cancer. The sentiments either hand written, or printed on the card, were a huge part of my healing process!

Creating these note cards, from photographs I have taken over the years, was a way for me to stay creative + positive.

Hope you (or your family) will take the challenge and send at least 3 a month to folks who might LOVE to receive a special note. Birthday, get well or just because you know it will brighten their day!
Cards are blank 5x7 size and sold in quantities of 36 to last you 12 months! A simple investment in time + money that will make a big difference. Orders are filled with an assortment of these images. If you have a favorite let me know or one you wish to exclude. I will do my best to accommodate. Thank you!

Order by sending an email to [email protected]
quantity 36 cards ~$125 (includes shipping/delivery)

PLEASE include your name, phone #, & shipping ADDRESS

Please Mail payment to:

Delia Sullivan
7212 Valon Ct
Alexandria Va 22307

"Thank you for delivering the beautiful note cards. They make me happy just looking at them!" Nancy
Every time I had to buy a card I would say "Delia's card were so much nicer and much better quality". I googled your name and found your site.