I have taken a break from my photo business, as I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in June 2013 and have focused on my journey as a "thriver".  What I missed in these last 6 months, among other things was using my creative energy through my photo business.  Now I am finished with surgeries, chemo treatment and feeling the creative energy a brewin'!

I have been inspired by all the amazing support during this journey....One gesture that was a BIG part of my healing process was the handwritten notes/cards that arrived on my doorstep or in my mailbox.  Opening the mail each day and receiving beautiful cards with genuine sentiments was such a gift!

Do you smile when opening the mailbox and find a handwritten note?

Do you know family, friends, neighbors or acquaintances near and far, that might enjoy a card arriving in their mailbox?

Do you love giving + spreading the love? 

 As my new creative project I have been inspired to create note cards from images I have taken over the years, in my travels or, in and around my home town.  In an age where email or text is a common way to interact, taking the time to send a note through the mail is an unexpected surprise for most!  Gratitude for both the sender and receiver, as quoted from the article below.

So here is the challenge... To write and SEND 2-4 cards a month!  For any occasion or "just because" is reason enough!  I speak from experience that the gesture will bring a smile or happy tear to someones eye.  So start spreading the LOVE and GRATITUDE!

Click here to start spreading the LOVE!   http://deliaphoto.zenfolio.com/floralnotecards
Slideshow of assorted cards below