Hello friends,

     Thank you for joining me on this new path.  I am grateful each time I see you in the live stream classes and knowing some of you are taking time to practice with the recorded classes on YouTube.  Thank you for keeping connected!

     As the wise Judith Hanson Lasater says “Make your inner growth your top priority and everything else will follow.”  Her quote is perfect for our theme this month "Growing from the inside out."

     Think about yourself as a garden.  Ask yourself, am I watering the weeds or the flowers?  When we grow from the inside out we are watering the flowers and softening and expanding our hearts.  What are the weeds that make you feel overwhelmed or like you are losing control?  Sometimes we see self-care as triage. Something we turn to when we are falling apart.  Can you relate?  We keep ourselves small when we focus on the weeds. Start small and grow BIG! 

     My first yoga experience was a hatha yoga class in 1996.  I was intrigued, though, at that time, I didn’t stick with it  A few years later, at the encouragement of a friend I attended a power yoga class.  I was 36 years old and intrigued by the physical challenge, though my favorite part was the ending, in the final resting pose ​savasana. ​ Savasana is a meditative pose at the end of class to relax the mind and body. 

     After a few weeks, this yoga class became sacred to me.  I remember one day after class saying to myself, I wish I could feel this good every day!  I had young children at the time, ages 11, 7 and 4, stillness, clarity, and relaxation were not often accessible.  I’ll share a ​secret ​with you.  In the early weeks of class and new to yoga, in savasana, as we on our backs, eyes closed, breath soft, I felt the ahh of my body releasing and my mind soften. 

     I remember using this time with no distractions, to softly organize my thoughts, sort through challenges, and decisions.  I didn’t stress or beat myself up that I was “doing it wrong” it was what helped me feel better when I left. I guess I used that time to be my own therapist.  It worked!

     Eventually, I was able to let go of the micromanaging during savasana and realized I needed the rest, and with practice, I was able to just be.  I was growing from the inside out but didn’t realize it at the time. Yoga is subtle but profound.  I was softening into my heart.  Not as hard on myself.  I realized that taking care of my mental and physical body needed to be a priority.

     As time went on I was hooked and allowed myself to grow bigger!  My garden was growing.  I was mentally and physically stronger, less stressed, and more patient.  Letting growth happen, instead of keeping myself small.  Yoga helped me grow bigger and become more patient, a better mother, wife, and friend.  Opening up more of myself and making time for activities I loved, more time for, curiosity, creativity,  and being out on the water! 

     Take a moment to ask yourself - am I watering the weeds or the flowers?  If the soil is soft and the garden is in bloom maybe you are growing bigger and letting yourself soften into your heart.  

Love and laughter, Delia